Bee LineBee Line is the leading manufacturer of Wheel Alignment, Computer Balancing and Collision Correction Equipment for Autos, Heavy Duty Trucks and Tractor Trailers. Located in Bettendorf, Iowa USA, Bee Line designs, manufactures and sells a variety of cutting edge products while providing unparalleled training and customer service to its valuable clients around the world.

Bee Line began as the George L. Hunt Company of Boscobel, Wisconsin. Before World War 1, George L. Hunt (founder, inventor, manufacturer) invented and marketed many of the early tools for the automotive repair field. As the need for better methods of wheel alignment became necessary, the George L. Hunt Company began developing "on vehicle" wheel alignment and correction tools. They began marketing the products under the trade name "Bee Line". This promoted the concept that when a vehicle is properly aligned, it handles better and drives in a straight line like the flight of a bee.

The introduction of superior Bee Line Systems for Truck Frame Straightening and Wheel Alignment led to world leadership in the commercial vehicle markets. This Bee Line equipment enabled millions of trucks and trailers to return to the highway as safe, efficient, and productive vehicles.

Today Bee Line applies the technology and expertise gained in the very demanding commercial vehicle industry to offer a full range of products to service even the smallest car through the heaviest truck.

Bee Line continues to be a leader in the Wheel Alignment by manufacturing equipment with the finest materials available and maintaining the highest degree of safety possible. We know the equipment is a capital investment and the customer expects a return on his investment.

Bee Line welcomes prosperity in the 21st century by building upon the philosophies that have made it a thriving business for over 80 years.