chalmersIn 1971 Chalmers Suspensions International identified the need for a superior suspension system designed to suit the everchanging needs of the Transportation Industry.

Since its inception, Chalmers has successfully established itself as an innovative company with an excellent product line designed to meet the industry need for a unique suspension system with characteristics designed to provide excellent performance and value.

Over the past quarter century plus, Chalmers has experienced an outstanding growth in the truck and trailer markets. Chalmers' primary success was experienced in the penetration and growth for all applications in the trailer market. However the many positive features, advantages and benefits of the Chalmers suspensions were soon realized and the truck suspension market began to demand a superior suspension for all truck applications. 

Chalmers positive reputation for its suspension is based on advantages such as:

  • Lightweight
  • High Stability
  • Excellent Articulation
  • Smooth ride
  • Full equalization
  • Minimum maintenance