Maxx CamSuspension MAXX came about as a collaboration of  ASE Certified Mechanics, who over the years have developed their own specialized tools for job specific uses. Tools they need to do their jobs, but no tool manufacturer had yet developed.

After several customers mentioned their displeasure with the nose down stance of their GM vehicles, the team, lead by Larry Verbowski developed, refined and produced a product that would eliminate the problem while being cost effective and maintaining stock vehicle integrity. After full development of the MAXX Cam lever, Larry has gone on to patent the product and has secured production of the component. Suspension MAXX now is in a position to offer its product to alignment shops and the general public.

The MAXXcam2 is an innovative two-piece adjustable torsion bar lever which when calibrated can compensate for torsion bar fatigue allowing the vehicle owner to choose the profile needed to level the front with the rear.